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 Mike Nomad & his AKA comments

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PostSubject: Mike Nomad & his AKA comments   Sun Sep 23, 2012 5:37 pm

For transparency.....please see the conversation between MN & myself

He has advised Lord Alfred that members have been in his server bragging about RGN members leaving to AKA.............

Never tell your password to anyone.
<AKA>Shady: hi mike ......I hear from alfy that AKA members ave been in your server spamming shit about RGN members joining AKA ...I want to know the names so I can sort it out
[RGN] Mike_Nomad is now Online.
<AKA>Shady: believe me we do not recruit anybody from any server tht does not ASK to join
[RGN] Mike_Nomad: Who is Alfy.....
<AKA>Shady: lord alfred
[RGN] Mike_Nomad: I told him and I'll tell you - its best to let it die. The immautre crap will cease.
<AKA>Shady: please advise me who has been on your server spamming that shit and we will ban them right now
[RGN] Mike_Nomad: no that will only add fuel to the fire.
[RGN] Mike_Nomad: Let it die.
[RGN] Mike_Nomad: When the fools see it had no effect either way, they lose interest in trying to make trouble.
<AKA>Shady: sry Mike but please tell me who it is because I do not tolerate it
[RGN] Mike_Nomad: No
[RGN] Mike_Nomad: You can advise your crew to refrain from such actions and leave it at that. Its obvious they're trying to make trouble.
<AKA>Shady: please name the person as I do not want the AKA tags being tarnished by one individual........we have been around too long for shit like this
[RGN] Mike_Nomad: Let it die.....
[RGN] Mike_Nomad: People will be people.... you know that and so do I.
<AKA>Shady: Well if its true I sincerely apologise
[RGN] Mike_Nomad: Doing anything in response will yeild satisfaction.
<AKA>Shady: but without a name I can do nothing
[RGN] Mike_Nomad: Of course its not true...... pfffft IF??? WTF
<AKA>Shady: ?
[RGN] Mike_Nomad: Why you say "IF" I don't lie..... I never have and never will.
[RGN] Mike_Nomad: Saying If its true . . is the same as accusing me of lying.
<AKA>Shady: well please name the person then ......I am not calling you a liar I know you are not but please help me root out the bad apple
[RGN] Mike_Nomad: We both speak English so tere is no language barrier.
[RGN] Mike_Nomad: I said no as I do not care to magnify the issue.
[RGN] Mike_Nomad: I told Fred in confidence..... <sigh>
<AKA>Shady: well this will this chat will go on the AKA forum to STOP any bullshit
[RGN] Mike_Nomad: Fine by me
<AKA>Shady: you and freddy can sort your own shit out
[RGN] Mike_Nomad: There is no shit.......
<AKA>Shady: much respect Mike but no names I can do nothing
[RGN] Mike_Nomad: exactly..... let it die and their BS remains ineffective.
<AKA>Shady: ok......but whose bullshit?
[RGN] Mike_Nomad: there's no harm done and all that's happened is they made themselves look like assholes.
<AKA>Shady: well they make AKA look arseholes and that is too serious to not have a name
[RGN] Mike_Nomad: nah...... its kidshit
[RGN] Mike_Nomad: besides, all you need do is weed out the good guys and then you'll know who the troublemakers are.
<AKA>Shady: yes but your help would be appreciated
[RGN] Mike_Nomad: You have many good members just as we do.... but there's always a rotten apple or two in the barrel.
[RGN] Mike_Nomad: I know who to keep an eye on in our group and I'm sure you do too.
[RGN] Mike_Nomad is now Away.

I cannot believe any member of AKA would lower themselves to such BS and without a name I can only summise that is all it is.

To protect the AKA name (for the time being) I would advise NOT to enter the RGN server....


We have a lot of friends in there..........but.


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PostSubject: reply   Sun Sep 23, 2012 9:54 pm

dint know he told me in confidence scince he talked on the pulic channel....wierd
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PostSubject: Re: Mike Nomad & his AKA comments   Fri Nov 02, 2012 7:10 am

Oops, seems like he is banned on the Tripwire forums. Figures...

"Mike_Nomad Banned
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PostSubject: Re: Mike Nomad & his AKA comments   Sat Nov 03, 2012 11:56 am

hhmmmmm - thats a shame...I always enjoyed the replies to his posts.

I think TW have made a mistake if they have banned him.

In a nutshell.......he's nuts but, he would be missed.


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PostSubject: Re: Mike Nomad & his AKA comments   Sat Nov 03, 2012 1:38 pm

In a strange way, I do have to agree with you Shady.
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Old Tex

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PostSubject: Re: Mike Nomad & his AKA comments   Mon Dec 31, 2012 4:59 pm

the man does have a problem
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PostSubject: Re: Mike Nomad & his AKA comments   

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Mike Nomad & his AKA comments
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